Shifting Shame: An Embodied Journey to Freedom

This intimately-curated course guides you from a chronic place of self-doubt and not enough-ness to one that is full of wonder, wisdom and wild personal freedom.

The Shifting Shame Embodied Journey is a unique program that skillfully incorporates every part of you, to let go of your old shame story and freely open into the life you’ve been longing to live, for as long as you can remember.

Before we dive into the details of this transformational journey, let’s see if it speaks to you exactly where you are in your life. You’re a woman who fiercely wants more. And you’re tired of the old story that contracts your life, and of yet again feeling that you’ve betrayed yourself or put yourself on hold. Your talents, desires and longings refuse to be muffled anymore by self-doubt, fear of failure or a feeling of not enough-ness. You’re more than ready to unapologetically live your life full of purpose, trust, deep connection and joy.

This journey could be just what you need, if…

  • You’ve done everything right. Followed the rules, worked hard, stayed diligent, but you don’t feel free. In fact, no matter how hard you try, the doubt and insecurity creep in whenever they can. But you’ve never stopped craving a life of meaning and connection. One that opens before you into a fulfilling adventure.
  • Until now, everyone else got your best. You’ve taken care of others, over-stretched your empathy, and done lots of personal work, but…it never feels like you’ve done enough. That nagging self-critic works overtime. Yet, you know there’s something more. You feel it in your depths, and you’re ready to do what it takes to let go of the old story, and reach a deep intimacy with yourself. A place that’s full of wisdom, trust and ease.
  • Somehow you know that if you don’t stop this heartbreaking story of shame, the one that makes you shrink and stay small, your gifts and talents will never reach the world. And wow, is that painful. You have a burning desire to not waste any more time, and you’re ready to dare, risk and express all of yourself.
If the cells in your body just woke up and said yes, or you felt the knowing ache of longing in your heart, then join me on this journey. You’ll be welcomed into a supportive space that’s full of intelligence, embodied wisdom and practical tools. Step by step, I’ll guide you to move beyond old stories of shame and emerge into a place full of compassion, connectedness and trust; you’ll embody a readiness to live your life exactly as you wish.

This embodied journey is both personal and collective. You’ll:

Be welcomed into a community of inspiring women, who’ve all chosen to take this transformational journey with you.

Learn to listen to and trust your body’s intelligence, discovering how it always guides you to a place of healing, expansion and integrity.

Ground yourself in reality and choose how or whether to respond, when shame and self-doubt are triggered. These reactive moments will lose their power in your life.

Discover how naturally and easefully you can move, express and be yourself in relationship with others.

Heal the deep wound of shame, the place in your body and life where rejection, humiliation and abandonment shaped your story.

Nourish your deep capacity and desire for life.

Embody your deepest longings, those you left behind or buried under shame and self-doubt, until they flow out of you with freedom and ease. It won’t be possible to deny them any longer.

Feel the strength and courage to consistently and freely move toward what you want in life.

Marcela’s work is POWERFUL!  It’s one thing to recognise the shame we hold, cognitively. It’s another thing completely to address it directly in the body.  Marcela supports you to feel where shame lives in your body, and how to create space around it and free yourself of the stuckness, numbing and guilt there – which of course opens us up to pleasure, heart openness and deeper intimacy with ourselves, our loved ones and the world. Through her work, I’ve been able to cultivate a relationship with my body in ways I didn’t know were possible, and opened to whole new worlds of body awareness that enrich my life every day. She lives what she teaches – Marcela’s work comes from her own deep lived experience, rather than some regurgitated, new age blah-blah. Plus, she’s just an absolute delight to be around!
Bonnie Bliss

Somatic Sexologist & Embodiment Teacher, Australia

My journey with shame:

I didn’t know shame and fear were at the core of my insecurities, until menopause, a break up and professional disillusionment conspired to lay me bare. I felt I’d lost control of my life, and my deepest insecurities came rushing out. I’m too old. I’m not worthy. I’m not successful. Life’s passed me by.

What I’d been practicing until then wasn’t working, and I was trying so damn hard. I knew I had to find another way. And it was then, from a place of deep despair, that I chose to turn around, look at my shame, and say, “Ok, let’s do this.”

When I finally dove in, I found the key to releasing layers upon layers of doubt, humiliation and loneliness. I touched the core of my shame story, and my body showed me the way out. It was only then, after 20 years of working with the body, that I learned to trust its guidance. To trust that my body always wanted to feel free. This was the magic key.

Today, whenever I’m stuck, hurting or ready to put myself down, I go to my body. I feel what’s stuck and what’s underneath the stuckness. I move with what I feel, and I always land in a place with more options, freedom and trust.

I want every woman I encounter to trust themselves, too. To move in the world knowing you have a place in it, you belong, and your gifts are wanted.

This course was born from this deep desire.

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If you are looking for an approach that will redefine how you approach life and all the thoughts you have that hold you back, I truly can’t recommend this work enough. Marcela is an incredible facilitator and the practices and tools you will gain are so simple yet profoundly deep. After a couple of years ‘talking’ things through with friends and professionals alike, getting more in my body was the tipping point for me to really take all this theory and start embodying it in practice. When people say ‘do the work’ well…this is it; THE WORK.

I’ve spent over a decade exploring embodiment, movement and all things getting-more-in-touch-with-who-I-am, and honesty, I think Marcela is the most skilled and intuitive facilitator I’ve come across. She exquisitely provides paradigm-shifting practices that offer freedom from trauma, a profound understanding of our internal landscape, and a transformative opening to otherwise unseen choices, about how we can show up in the world.,

In the embodiment industry there’s a BIG difference between a facilitator/practitioner who gets you moving and guides you to a big cathartic release (that often feels good in the moment, but doesn’t ultimately change anything at a deeper level), and someone who has mastered the art of embodiment and understands the subtly of the body, nervous system, habit patterns, triggers, and can empower you to unravel yourself and stay open, regardless of what life brings.

I have all the theory, as a facilitator and coach who supports people to achieve their goals, but somehow couldn’t find a way to translate that into freedom and joy in my own life…until I participated in the Shifting Shame course.

Marcela guided the group intuitively to move and release what blocks us, so that the flow of possibility courses through us instead of the cul de sacs of pain, regret and shame. 

She has a beautiful empathy with each participant, and holds the group with both a deep wisdom and a lightness, so we all felt our unique strength.

It’s not a course where you learn in a technical way – it’s deeper than that. It’s a guided visit to your beautiful imperfect self, supporting you as you start on the path to a place of joy and acceptance. 

I couldn’t recommend this course more highly.

This work truly feels like magic.

Marcela’s taught me how to tap into what I truly want in life and look at what’s stopping me (often shame, crossed boundaries or just history). She creates a safe space for me to explore and move and learn to trust myself.

I’ve learned that my body always has the answer. It knows what it needs, I just need to tap in.

I do this embodiment work because it gives me freedom. I can actually change my experience by physically feeling places in my body that are stuck in history and old, rote emotions. I see how many choices are available to me and find new ways to approach old situations.

Irene Lo Bue
Converting a skilled and mature body-based therapy practice into an online offering requires more than a camera and microphone. Marcela’s not only able to bring her gifted face-to-face acuity as a practitioner to the online experience, she also has incredible capacity for observation through the medium, which she combines with a kinesthetic sensitivity that helps her students find the truth for themselves.

She does this with a compassionate heart, underpinned by her own evolution, paced with precise timing that unfolds in a digestible way. Marcela has a gentle way of sparking the wisdom of the body in everyone she works with.

Liz Wong
Marcela’s the body whisperer! The number of times she’s known what was going on in my body and what I required at exactly the right time in her workshops, has astounded me. Working with Marcela has helped me reconnect with my body and has reminded me of how good it feels to be IN it. Her work has shown me that there are many stories held within the body and that when we take the time to listen, we can heal.

I am so grateful to have met her as what I have learnt through this amazing teacher, has been invaluable for me on a personal and professional level.

Ashleigh Edmunds
Marcela has a gentle way of sparking the wisdom of the body in everyone she works with, and a seemingly effortless way of encouraging what needs to surface.

She’s not only able to bring her gifted face-to-face acuity as a facilitator to the online experience, Marcela also has an incredible capacity for observation through the medium. She combines embodied sensitivity and her own evolution to guide clients to their truth.

Her compassion, intuition, respect and TRUST in the body to guide her teachings, result in the most powerful and energising outcomes.

Module 1: Opening the collective container for transformation.

Let’s be honest…shame’s a subject we’re both protective of and unsettled by. So, it’s more important than ever that our container be clear, supportive and trustworthy. In this module we’ll set the tone to create a generous, safe and engaging space.

  • Learn the basics of how our journey together will unfold. We’ll set the tone for you to have the most supportive circumstances to shift shame.
  • Get clear on your starting point – what shame is for you, and what your relationship to it is. This awareness gives you a strong foundation toward the change you wish for.
  • Take time to reveal your why. Why you’re doing this course. This will support you on your journey and reinforce you in the more challenging moments. It serves as an internal compass.
  • Make a promise to yourself, one that encourages your heart and reinforces your commitment to this journey.

Module 2 – Your body, your physicality, your home

One of the softest ways to shift shame is to reconnect to your body. And yes, you might initially meet the body shame you hold. But I promise you, as you practice – moving, breathing and sensing – you’ll recognize that your body holds your talent, wisdom and resourcefulness. As you learn learn to shift from your mind to your body, you’ll seek it out, as a constant way to trust and grow,

  • Learn to let your body guide with intelligence and wisdom.
  • Reconnect to your lower body, a place that holds power – deep, feminine energy, mystery, intuition.
  • Coax out and encourage the qualities of Earth in your body – regenerative, nourishing, abundant presence.
  • Expand your capacity to hold your past, present and future, as you inhabit your body, and it becomes a safe, resourceful home.
  • Explore various forms of movement as a way to unleash held back energy, break old rules and discover the endless possibilities and options your body holds.
  • Become more agile, flexible and easeful, as you develop your personal embodiment and movement practice.
  • Return to your breath, not only as a way out of an old story, but as a way to expand into new, unexplored territory of sensing, moving and being.

Module 3 – Learning the triggers, shifting your reaction

Empowerment becomes tangible in this module. You’ll put in the repetitions, getting to know specific places in your life where shame wakes up, you contract, and suddenly the old story takes over. Using clearly outlined tools, you’ll be able to un-do your automatic response to shame, in body, emotions and beliefs, and as you do, you’ll step into spaciousness, confidence and freedom.

  • Recognize you’ve got everything you need at this point to go beyond the old shame reaction. By following a step-by-step approach, you’ll notice where it happens in life and what happens in your body, and learn to let go of the shame pattern on mental, behavioral, emotional and physical levels.
  • Implement the power of choice: becoming clear about when you can choose to let go of an old pattern or not even let it start.
  • Become more natural around others, as you practice letting go of the protective outer layers of shame to simply be yourself.
  • Deepen your connection to energy flow, moving from a mind experience of shame to one of simple energy that moves through you without a story. Every time you practice this, you’ll trust yourself more. The shame reaction loosens its grip.
  • Movement becomes a powerful tool in this module to both raise your level of energy, and move out of a shame reaction. You’ll discover qualities that were hidden underneath old shame, and remember your richness and unpredictability.
  • Develop an ability to deeply listen to what’s happening in your body. As you recognize details and nuances of the shame reaction, you’ll discover how easy it can be to simply let go.
  • You’ll trust that you can let go in life, right in the moment where shame usually gets triggered. You’ll be able to hold the sensation and flow of different emotions and energy, without reducing yourself or your freedom and ease.

Module 4 – Freeing yourself from the deep roots of your shame story

By going to the root of your shame story and where it lives in your body, you undo the deep hold your past has on you. And this is where real freedom lives. As you open this old story, breath by breath, allowing the movement and flow of painful moments where you were rejected, abandoned or humiliated, you’ll digest your past, and your body becomes free.

  • Un-do how you shaped your body around past hurts, humiliations and rejections.
  • Emotional energy will become power for you – moving through your body as sensation and flow and leaving you clear, present and resourced.
  • Space will open up in your body, mind and life, as the shame story melts away. And you’ll easily be able to perceive when this is happening in the moment.
  • Move your practice into life – recognizing moments of shame and trusting yourself to relax your body, breathe and allow energy to course through you. You’ll no longer be ashamed or afraid of your shame.
  • Trust your sensitivity, emotions and body experience as your guide, rather than the old story from your past.
  • Discover how much courage and boldness you have to move freely in your life, as you continue with this practice.
  • Take time to rest into nothingness – no agenda, no time pressure, no goal – as a lasting body experience. Trusting the value of deep rest.

Module 5 – Nourishing your longings and desires.

You now embody a space that’s free of old shame. It’s time to remember and nourish your longings and move as your deep desires. You’ll expand your edges and keep breaking rules of what it means to be unapologetically free to want, long, and be.

  • Your deepest longings can no longer wait. Now that the shame story has melted away, you’ll naturally reveal them and move as them.
  • Wake up a deep intimacy with yourself that you can trust, as you embody your longings.
  • Connect to those around you and to the world, with natural ease.
  • Make clear choices that allow your desires to grow and become real.
  • Connect the intention you set at the beginning of the course with where you stand now.
  • Trust the change in yourself as you move forward with newly found freedom and endless choices.
  • Move our collective longings and close our time together, revealing our dreams and wishes, and supportively saying good bye.

The highlights of our journey
(a $635+749= $1395 Value)

5 modules that guide you step by step into the magic of your body. You’ll not only learn the depth of resourcefulness and courage you hold, but that your body always desires freedom.

A wide variety of movement and embodiment practices that will become natural for you to incorporate. You’ll be able to easily apply what you learn long after the course, as this is an endless, life-opening approach.

Time, space and support to open a subject that frightens all of us. As our communication and trust develops, you’ll learn just how freeing it is to reveal who you are, your longings and wishes, your fears and old hurts. This container will constantly support your questions, fears and ultimately, your transformation.

Discover the magical key to this intuitive approach. Your body. As you become connected and physical, you’ll recognize how ready your body is to release the old shame story. By incorporating what you learn here, you’ll naturally step into a space full of trust, joy and freedom.

You’ll have access to one module a week, many of which will be live. Shame is an intimate subject, and there’re far too many ways we can isolate ourselves, feel like we’re failing and add to our shame story. This format is structured to minimize that. It allows for intimacy, connection and accountability. It’s designed for you to gain trust in yourself.

These bonuses will support you to settle deeply into yourself and touch the world in your unique way


9 Live Q+A sessions where we’ll fill in the spaces of any doubts, uncertainties or fears you encounter as you practice on your own at home. These sessions are designed to eliminate confusion and offer support, and are scheduled every 2 weeks or so, to give you ample space to breathe and learn without pressure.

1 Private Somatic Healing Session with me during the second half of the journey. In this intimate, guided practice we’ll focus on the shame story you’re dealing with, and deepen your ability to move the energy of your history and reveal what’s underneath.

4 Fiercely Embodied Movement classes. You’ll join a group of international bodies and move with them. These guided classes are designed for you to fall further in love with movement and learning through your body.

Private Facebook group. This is a place for us to gather at random times and get to know each other. I’ll provide food for thought, small, fun practices and inspiring stories. It’s your space; a place to find belonging, connection and support. To communicate your fears and your discoveries. It’s a place where we can all grow.

BONUS: Free access to one Fierce Embodiment workshop. These workshops cover various topics that also relate to shame: Embodying Boundaries, Melting the Scars of Rejection, Embodying Emotional Power. This bonus is only for those who make a 1-time payment.

If somehow life takes over, and it’s not great timing

In the Shifting Shame Embodied Journey, you’ll get the key to unlocking and expressing the richness you hold inside yourself. You’ll shed old stories of shame, and emerge full of self-compassion, connectedness and trust: you’ll embody a readiness to live your life exactly as you wish, with so much freedom!

I’ve designed the course in a way that will let you easily sink into the learning and practices every week. It’s deep work, and I’m committed to supporting you to ensure that you not only look forward to the learning we do together, but you feel engaged, well-guided and met.

You’ll have access to this course material for 3 years.

Refunds will be considered on a case-by- case basis. If after participating in the first month of weekly sessions and practices, you recognize it’s not for you, we can discuss a partial refund then.

All your questions and doubts answered (FAQ)

Part of my shame is with my body, and it feels like a block to joining.
This course is designed to show you how much wisdom, intelligence and unerring intuition you have in your body. It’ll entirely shift how you relate to your body as other than you. The practices, conversations and movement will open your body in way you may have longed for. Every time women drop in, moving through layer of shame, it’s truly a relief. This course will end the disconnect and guide you to trust that your body holds all that is you.
Do I have to be able to dance to join this group?
Definitely not. Most of the women I’ve taught over the years weren’t dancers or even movers. Intuitively, they felt that their bodies needed to move, in order to shift the shame. You’ll learn a form of movement that reconnects you to your body to release the old shape of shame and encourage the parts of yourself you left behind. The form’s all about discovery, curiosity and pleasure. When I began moving, I was stiff and uncomfortable. Shame was my body prison. Now, movement’s become the most natural thing in the world for my body. It always shows me a way out and back home.
I’m scared to join a group with my shame.
Please know that every one of us has that fear. It’s what kept me circling shame for years, even though it was at the core of my struggle. We’re ashamed of our shame, and sure that we’re the only ones who feel this way. We address this early on in the course, and it’ll feel like a giant exhale, as it’s revealed. It’s entirely up to you how much you wish to open up in the group. And you’ll get individual support from me in the way of a session when you wish to go deeper or feel stuck. I’ll also be available via email and the FB group. I know the places we hide, and how painful that ends up being. I make sure you won’t stay stuck or isolated.
What’s the weekly time commitment?
Including the modules, bi-weekly Q+As and home embodiment practice, the weekly commitment is 3-4 hours. But here’s the thing…if you’re too busy, don’t join this course. And I say that with tons of love and respect for your choice. I want to be sure the journey doesn’t become another place for you to FEEL as though you’ve failed. I’ve created this course in a way that will constantly empower you to go further. SO, if you’ve really had it with the deep ache of not feeling good enough, and are 100% ready to change this, this is the course for you.
Four months seems like a long time

Yes, it’s a commitment. But here’s the thing…we’ve honed our shame habits over decades, so for the shift to be real and not superficial, we need to take our time, open to it, absorb and digest.

I’ve created this course for you to come out strong, clear and trusting. And I don’t want you to feel like you’ve failed. This feeling is such a potent contributor to shame. Over the course of these 4 months, you’ll get to take your time, not only to un do the old shame story, but to remember who you are and what you want.

Emotional work often overwhelms me. How do you support this?
You won’t get pulled under. On the contrary, this course is laid out in a step-by-step fashion. And because the learning is all done through the body, you’ll constantly be discovering ways out. Your body, you, are resourceful, and this is going to be endlessly revealed. Early on, in module 2, we emphasize the body’s natural wish to be free and discover new options of movement, perception and sensation. We build on this throughout the course.
What If I don’t manage? I’m afraid of failing.
This could be your exact starting point – your point of energy. I KNOW from experience that before diving into long-held beliefs and painful emotions, the fear of failure comes sneaking in. It’s part of why we avoid it. You’ll get tools to release this fear from your body. The weekly structure strengthens you and builds trust in yourself. So when old fears come creeping in, you’ll have the tools to release them.
What do I need for my home practice?
Your body, a clear space to practice, a yoga mat or rug, a journal to write in, and your phone for music. That’s it.
Is this work trauma-informed?
It’s more than trauma-informed. I spent almost 2 decades training with the Grinberg Method, which emphasizes how our past hurts and humiliations leave their mark on our bodies. Through the course of my studies, I was required to do my own intense process of healing and trauma work, and I’ve never stopped. This course is NOT a substitute for psychotherapy or medical treatment. We’ll work through the body, specifically with shame and not-enoughness and healing the way our past still has a hold on our lives today. I’m not trained in psychotherapy nor to give any sort of diagnosis. If you have a medical condition and are unsure if this course is right for you, please consult with the relevant medical practitioners.
Is this course based on any psychological or spiritual theory?
No. This entire course works through the body and what your holds. We will work with limiting beliefs and old conclusions you have about yourself, through the body. You’ll never receive a diagnosis, treatment plan or spiritual ideology. You’ll simply learn to shift out of an old shape you’re holding, one that keeps you stuck in a painful old story.
Is this course relevant for all women?
The Shifting Shame course places a strong emphasis on the lower body, including the vagina and womb area. It’s not an ideal course if you were not born with a uterus or vagina. The course is open to women of any sexual orientation. And if you’ve experienced a partial or full hysterectomy this course is still very relevant, as we access the energy that this area of the body holds.

When we heal the deep wound of shame, we’re not only opening ourselves to the life we long for, but we’re touching the world around us. The ripple effect is profound.

As women, we’ve been trying so hard to make our lives feel like they’re ours. To live in a way that matters. So why does it feel like we’re doing something wrong when we’re trying so hard?

That’s the wound of shame. The chronic sense that you’re not enough. And it’s way past time to heal this.

But not only that…I don’t just want you to feel better about yourself, I want you to thrive. I’ve taught hundreds of women all over the world, of every shape, age, size, social status, profession. As I’d watch the layers of shame come off, each woman would reveal herself in the most natural way. They didn’t have to try to get it right. They simply had to let go of the old story and be, and their essence poured out of them.

Is it really that easy? Is it just letting go and relaxing into who you are?

Well…yes, and no.

Yes, because you’re learning something your body already knows how to do. From before your first breath, your body was growing and learning. That learning and un-learning never has to stop. Your body always seeks freedom.

No, because it doesn’t just happen. You have to choose it. You have to want to be free. You have to be fed up with the lie of the old story, and go to the deeper feeling that’s been longing for freedom for as long you as can remember. And then you choose every day to let go of the old story more.

And as you open yourself to whatever arises, fear, grief, shame, desire, rage, fury, you’ll be learning that your body, you, can handle it. Your body is the most remarkable container for your soul.

And you’ll be guided and supported every step of the way with conversations, practices, and individual support. And the collective intention will hold and carry us all during this journey together.

A love letter to you

I was once asked in an interview what’s the opposite of shame. I stumbled around to come up with an answer, but I couldn’t. It’s not binary. There’s no opposite. There’s YOU. The you who’s been yearning to break free, grow and express herself, exactly as she wants. The you who’s been longing to dance intimately with life, and even if she trips and falls, she’s ready to dust herself off and start dancing again.

The you who wants, hungers, laughs, enjoys, delights. The you who is curious, devilish, compassionate, carefree. The you who says what she wants, asks for what she needs, and brings her heart to the world. The you who can rest in stillness and play like a child. The you who is wise.

And your body’s the key.

It’s where you experienced the hurts and humiliations of your past. It’s where you shaped yourself today, coping with life the best you could. And it’s exactly where you’ll find your way out, melting the grip of the old stories and getting back those parts of yourself you left behind.

Shame shrank our zest for life. It gave us restrictive rules to live by and made us believe stories that don’t merit one more day or one more breath.

Your life is longing for you. And It’s time for your unique touch to reach the world.

I hope you’ll join me on this magical, moving journey.